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Portfolio 1

Based in Calgary, Alberta, F&B had an unforgettable day. It was filled with love, family, music and culture. If one couple managed to have it all, this was it! Come get a glimps of what a full-day wedding could look like!

Wedding size: Large

A classy affair in the heart of downtown Ottawa, Ontario. J&L decided to have an elegant noon wedding followed by fine-dining and an urban street shoot. A perfect balance of tastefulness and class, completed in half a day or less!

Wedding size: Medium

Portfolio 2
Jin and Khanh 132.jpg

Picture yourself in a  small and intimate wedding with only the closest family and friends? J&K did too!

We had a gorgeous ceremony in Edmonton, Alberta in a perfect Autumn afternoon. Catch a glimpse of what a private and intimate wedding would look like!

Wedding size: Small

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