Charles specializes in outdoor photography. Whether it's hot or cold, Charles spends most of his free time exploring nature with his family. He is an avid back-country camper, hiker, snowboarder, and general adventurer.

When it comes to event and wedding photography, Charles takes a documentary-style approach, whereby his presence is rarely detected by you and your guests. He aims to capture the moments as is, without injecting too much unnecessary elements.

Charles prides himself in award-winning customer service. If you are looking for beautiful, natural-looking photos of your event, give Charles a shout. You won't be disappointed!



While the camera does not define the photographer, having the right equipment certainly does help!

Charles is equipped with an arsenal of full-frame Sony mirrorless equipment that is designed to consistently yield industry-leading quality. Here is a quick glance at what he uses on the job. Starting from the back, from left to right:

Sony A7III - The 24.2 megapixel undisputed champion of the full-frame mirrorless world; with class-leading auto-focus, exceptional image quality, and all of the bells and whistles a photographer could want.

Sony 85mm F/1.8 FE - A portrait photographer's must-have. This lens deliverys superb portraits with natural colours, sharp details, and buttery smooth bokeh (background blur).

Samyang 18mm F/2.8 FE - An ultra-wide angle lens for breathtaking outdoor landscapes or tight indoor situations.

Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 FE - The most popular lens among entusiasts and professionals. This lens proves to be the most vertatile in event photography, covering a wide range of useful focal lengths.

Sony A7RII - This 42.4 megapixel beast has twice the resolution of the average professional-grade camera, bringing even the tiniest details into view.

Sony RX100 VI - An ultra-portable all-in-one system that acts as a backup during down time so no moment is ever missed.

Wireless Triggers - Designed to allow off-camera flashes and touchless shutter control.

Wireless HSS Speedlites - Designed to provide artificial lighting in venues that just don't have enough light. These can be triggered wirelessly, which is great for consistent lighting and strategic placement.

Sigma 100-400mm DG DN f//5.0-6.3 - A superzoom designed to capture the subject from a distance. Not the most commonly used lens for events, but if you want to be completely undisturbed during a wedding ceremony, this guy will be our best friend!

And more! - A full studio lighting kit designed to handle every situation. Tell Charles what your needs are and he'll be sure to bring the right gear!